steam boilers

Mobile steam boilers for rental to horticulture, industry, petrochemicals, offshore and shipping. Also purchase and sale of used steam boilers.

and fats

Oils and fats: from purchasing and recycling of vegetable and animal residual flows to the sale of bio-oil and raw materials for biodiesel and biogas.


Industrial services can be divided into tank cleaning of tanks (filled with vegetable and animal oils and fats), tolling for third parties and emergencies.

Steam boiler rental and recycling of residual flows of vegetable and animal oils and fats for biofuels.

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Why choose us


Quick service

Van der Kooy rents mobile steam boilers and places them within 24 hours at any desired location in the Netherlands, recycles all your residual flows of vegetable and animal oils and fats and sells bio-oil and raw materials for the production of biodiesel and biogas. Van der Kooy is also the ideal address for tank cleaning and on-site assistance in the event of emergencies (for example in the event of a flooded tank).



Van der Kooy BV has been a household name in the world of oils and fats and steam boiler rental for almost 65 years. A reliable and cooperative partner. Our specialists are ready to ensure that your process is operational again as quickly as possible.



The sustainable energy market is constantly subject to changing insights. Van der Kooy responds to this by continuously focusing on the latest technologies. By exchanging knowledge with partners and research institutions, we are continuously working on further innovation.

Our certificates

Van der Kooy has all the necessary certificates for all the activities mentioned above.

Sustainability, innovation, craftsmanship and drive are our hallmarks.