Biofuel for steam boilers

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Bio-oil is 100% made of organic materials. This natural product has more advantages than mineral fuels such as diesel, gas or fuel oil.

For a couple of years the steam boilers which are running on heavy oil can also be filled with bio-oil. Our bio-oil is CO2 neutrally produced and KIWA approved (liquid biofuels).

Low level of ash

Van de Kooy produces the bio-oil from residuals and by-products from refiners of vegetable oils and animal fats in their own factory. Our biofuel has a high quality. The bio-oil is very clean and has an extraordinary low ash-level of 0, 05% or even less. The bio-oil is being produced and supplied according to requirements of KIWA liquid biofuels  BRL-K21010.


Do you have a broken boiler of sudden capacity problems? You call us and we arrange immediately a temporary steam boiler.

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Creative solutions

We have proved smart and beneficial solutions under problematic circumstances.


Van der Kooy has steam boilers running on natural gas and on diesel or on liquid biofuel. Is your gas contract not sufficient? Do not take any risk and ask us to supply the bio-oil.

Sustainable steaming

Organic farmers have to meet certain requirements of their customers. Van der Kooy has a certain amount of steam boilers which are running on bio-oil which is a durable and natural option.

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