The purchase, sale and recycling

vdkooy-icon-inkoop-verkoop-recyclingThe purchase and sale of the vegetable and animal oils and fats, by-products and waste fat.

The purchase of oils and fats

During processing and refining of the vegetable oil and animal oil some by-products, waste streams and litter are being released.
We can receive them and process them of we buy them to:
• process them into clean bio-oil for the purpose of green energy of components for the production of biodiesel
• process them into oils and fats and other applications
• recycle them in an environmentally friendly way
• We can also receive GMP+ oils and fats and sell them

Sale of oils and fats

Van der Kooy supplies the following products and more:

  • Bio-fuel for the purpose of green energy or heat
  • Oils and fats suitable for the production of biodiesel
  • Oils and fats for the purpose of the oleochemistry or cosmetics and soap industry
  • Liquid fatty acids suitable for biodiesel
  • Liquid fatty acids for the purpose of the production of green energy of the pour point of < - 10 °C
  • Vegetable emulsion for fermentation installations
  • GMP+ oils and fats
Biogas, green gas for the transport

After processing the waste oils and fats there are some emulsions left. Those products are suitable for biogas plants.

Our bleaching earth is in demand in biogas plants and composting plants.

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