We have always enough bio-oil and bio-heating oil available. We produce them by ourselves through sustainable processing of different kinds of vegetable oils, animal oils and fats in residuals and wastes.

We are quick

Full containers with bleaching earth or a tank full of waste products have to be empty again very quickly. When the tank overflows you want the area to be clean again. Call us immediately. We try to clean it up the same day. We come with our own truck, vacuum trucks or mobile stainless steel storage tanks when required. Our experienced staff will help you.

The residual value

Van der Kooy company derives very valuable elements from the by-products and from the residuals. We offer quick service and good price. The price depends on the fat content in the product. By introducing special processes, we separate the waste from the moisture oil and fat.
What remains, is used as a compost or is taken to biogas plants.


Van der Kooy has all the permissions which are needed to buy the wastes of vegetable and animal oil and process of recycle them into valuable products. Our staff has the certificates of Basic Elements of Safety (SCC). We have ISO 14001 and REDCert. We had the certificates for liquid bio-fuels.