Steam boiler service rental for horticulture


Healthy plants grow better in a clean soil.

Steamed and disinfected soil stimulates the growth and improves the quality of the cultivation

Healthy plants from the healthy soil. Before starting the new crops make sure that the soil or the substitute is free of any pests and plants diseases. Van der Kooy provides and sets up the steam boiler and all the equipment which you need. If you want it, we have an experienced workers who will help you with carrying out the activities.

Appropriate materials for your order

Van der Kooy provides all the materials which are needed in order to steam your soil, substitute or plants pots before the new crops:

  • Approved boilers with diverse capacities
  • Insulated steam pipes
  • Steam covers
  • Chains
  • Steaming foil
  • KIWA approved bio-oil

Let Van der Kooy arrange the whole process from A to Z.

Calculate the steam hours

The time which is needed to steam the soil depends on many factors. You can estimate the costs by making use of our calculate the steam.

Van der Kooy gives you an advice on the costs of making the soil free of bacteria’s and germs.

Standard prices

No surprises. We have standard prices for one square meter and labor hours. Only fuel prices can vary from day to day.

Sustainable steaming

Organic farmers have to meet special requirements of their customers. Van der Kooy has some steam boilers which run on bio-oil. This is a sustainable and organic option.


Van der Kooy has steam boilers running on natural gas and on diesel or on liquid biofuel. Is your gas contract not sufficient? Do not take any risk and ask us to supply the bio-oil.

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