Industrial cleaning

vdkooy-icon-industriele-reinigingWe have over 30 years of experience in cleaning the tanks of vegetable oils and fats. Van der Kooy cleans the tanks with a vacuum equipment. The experienced and certified workers drain the soda water and the leftovers. We can reprocess it in our company for different sustainable applications.

Portable tank washing system

When your tank is almost empty, our portable tank washing system is going to make them clean in a very short period of time. They will be suitable for drink water.

We take care about the water.

Durable and valuable

We process the waste products from the tank bottoms into bio-oil and technical oil. What is left, is used for digestion plants. Everything is being processed in a responsible and durable way. We estimate the value of the product based on the amount of the oil and fat from the tank.

Permissions and certificates

Van der Kooy has the environmental permit for taking in the wastes of vegetable and animal oils and fats. In order to process them into useful products.

Location of Van der Kooy

Van der Kooy has a weight bridge where the trucks are being weighted. Moreover, the company is located near Wilhelminakanaal where inlands tankers of max. 1500 tons can be loaded.

Attractive prices

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