Van der Kooy BV

Recycling, inventiveness and industrial services is the essence of the various activities of Van der Kooy BV. Our family company is located in Oosterhout. We offer services to the horticultural industry and produce bio oil for the production of sustainable energy and other technical oils.


We throw nothing away. Everything which goes on our weighbridge is being processed or recycled. It leaves our area as a product of good quality of as a valuable residual. The only thing which goes to the rubbish bin are coffee cups and the waste from the office.


We are constantly setting in our creativity to find some new solutions. It is for as long-term, for example: new procedures, new products, new markets, as for daily use. If you want to set in our steam boiler in an unforeseen situation, we always think along with you to find a convenient solutions for the appearing problems.

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Industrial services

We do everything we can to offer you a quick service. It applies to our portable steam boilers and pick-up service of the residuals of the vegetable oils, animal oils and fats. If you call us now with and urgent question, we will arrive within a few hours, unless the distance is not too far. If you want to have an advice or help outside office hours, somebody from our team is available 24/7.

AJ van der Kooy: steam

AJ van der Kooy BV hires portable steam boilers out to the horticultural industry and industry markets. We have been doing that since 1958. Our expertise and experience in using the steam is applied in cleaning of the storage tanks and tanker.

Van der Kooy Pijnacker: Oils and fats

Van der Kooy Pijnacker BV does the intake and purchase of vegetable and animal residuals and wastes from the fat industry. We process them in our company in Oosterhout into bio oil, technical oil and fats. What is left, is used for biomass digestion plants and fermentation installation.
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